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“Bank of Astana” undertook enhanced liabilities owed to its depositors on exchange difference compensation.

Dear depositors!

Bank of Astana is glad to report on important news:
JSC “Bank of Astana”, following the commission of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich on prevention of human wellbeing in Kazakhstan, undertakes enhanced obligations on compensation of exchange difference by deposits in the Bank, increasing established maximum amount of deposit from 1 million to 3 million KZT.

So, JSC “Bank of Astana” expands a programme on compensation of exchange difference on deposits for its customers. Losses on exchange difference will be compensated by the decision of the Bank’s shareholders to all natural persons, which made deposits in JSC “Bank of Astana”, besides compensation by deposit up to 1 million KZT, at the expense of shareholders: by deposits, which amount is not more than 3 million KZT as of August 18, 2015.

Chairman of the board of JSC “Bank of Astana” Iskender Mailibayev spoke in support of loyalty programme: “Care on the bank’s customers shall be in practical and tangible objects, and decision on enhanced liabilities owed to depositors of the Bank is real example of our readiness to protect financial interests of our partners!” 

Chairman of the Board of directors of JSC “Bank of Astana” Olzhas Tokhtarov expressed position of management: “We think that it is time to demonstrate our social position. It is not only goodwill gesture; this is opportunity to invest customers’ loyalty. Our programme on development of long-term relations with customers contains a lot of products and programmes, and compensation of depreciation consequences is external circumstances, on which we response reasonably”. 

Customers of JSC “Bank of Astana” can apply to any branch of the bank for signing of appropriate documents since October 19, 2015. Explanations and detailed consultations by all questions can be obtained by phones of call center: 2555 or +7 (727) 259-60-60.

About Bank of Astana:
The Bank performs its activity since 2008. Under brand “Bank of Astana” since beginning of 2014. International Service of credit ratings Standard&Poor’s increased long-term credit rating to the Bank to “B” with prediction “Stable” in August 2015. More detailed information about the Bank:

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