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Bank of Astana sponsored opening of third workout ground in Almaty

Today ceremonial opening of new workout ground for sport activities in secondary school № 187 had happened in Nauryzbaiskiy region in Almaty city. General sponsor of this project was Bank of Astana. Equipment for the ground was manufactured and installed by domestic company “Kangaroo Kazakhstan”. 

Akim of Nauryzbaiskiy region Kuanyshbek Kashkimbayev, general manager of the Bank of Astana Marina Nurpeisova, general director of the company “Kangaroo Kazakhstan” Danil Aitov, guests, municipal mass media and learners of secondary school № 187 took part in official opening ceremony.

– We thank Bank of Astana for allocated funds, and now this school has modern sport ground. It is very important for youth to go in for sport, – told Akim of Nauryzbaiskiy region in Almaty in his speech.
– Financing of this ground is not only goodwill gesture for Bank of Astana. We think that there is not only capital, which is measured by money, but respect and gratitude of our people, our citizens is larger wealth, – told managing director of Bank of Astana.

After opening of the ground, Bank of Astana performed traditional symbolic competition among learners of school on chinup. The strongest got sport prizes from the Bank. Learners performed a real concert with recitation, songs and dances as an expression of thanks.

We recall that present project was implemented within memorandum signed between Bank of Astana and Akimat of Almaty, according to which the bank accepted liabilities on financing of construction of fifty new sport grounds for CrossFit and grounds for street workout.