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JSC “Bank of Astana” informs that SCPP will be liquidated as legal entity in accordance with draft resolution of the Government of the RK, and its functions on payments processing and money transmission:
  • by compulsory pension contributions,
  • compulsory professional contributions,
  • social contributions,
  • fine for untimely transfer of these payments,
  • return of pensions and allowances from second-tier banks and JSC “Kazpochta”,
  • payment of pensions and allowances.
will be delegated to NJSC “National corporation “Government for citizens” (hereinafter – Corporation) since April 11, 2016.
Bank requisites of SCPP will be preserves in Corporation by the National Bank (BIC, IIC and bank code).
On the basis of letter of the National Bank ref.29-2-05/218 dated March 30, 2016, the Bank’s customers shall:
  1. finish transfer of compulsory pension contributions, compulsory professional pension contributions, compulsory social contributions on old requisites of SCPP to April 08, 2016.
  2. take into account that PPC 021 will be applied for return of incorrectly charged payments by “National corporation” since April 11, 2016.

Detailed information on requisites of Corporation (BIN) will be informed on or about April 11, 2016. Information will be posted on official site of the Bank, on information stands in branches, in applications, used by remote maintenance systems (mobile banking, client bank).