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Safety measures during usage of cards and internet banking

Dear holders of cards of Bank of Astana, 

The Bank has strong views on security issues of your monetary funds and works on improvement of its technologies and procedures for correspondence to the highest requirements. We want to recall some main rules on usage of bank cards and remote services, which will make you confident in their safe usage.

1. In no event disclose your login and password from Internet or Mobile banking to third parties – even to relatives or employees of the Bank.

Your login and password are secret information, which provides access to your money only to you. You can change password in Internet banking, and employees of twenty-four hour call center (2555) will help you to get access to Internet banking, if password cannot be restored.

2. Inform phone number and email address to the Bank, to which only you have an access. If phone number is changed – inform the Bank about it by number 2555.

The Bank can send secret codes for Internet bank or contact with you on numbers, specified by you, in case of emergency.

3. Keep in secret data of your card – number, validity period, CVV-code on reverse side of the card and PIN code of your card.

If your code is known to foreigners, you can change it in cash terminal.

4. Connect SMS-notification by card, in order to get reports on performed transactions. Just call to call center.

If you have several cards – notification is connected for each card separately.

5. Do not tell confirmation codes from SMS, which were sent for operations in internet/mobile banking, to third parties.

This code is confirmation of your agreement with execution of operation.

6. If you lost your card or it was stolen – immediately block it by means of employees of call center, through internet bank or mobile bank.

Do it immediately, the faster you block your card the more probability that unfair people will not use it.