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Bank of Astana improves safety of online payments and introduces technology 3D Secure

Bank of Astana improves safety during payment with cards in internet and introduces technology 3D Secure since February 13.

Nowadays, making operations in internet shops and online services, supporting technology 3D Secure*, holders of payment cards of Bank of Astana will receive free SMS with one-time code for purchase confirmation. This code shall be entered during payment.

Service 3D Secure does not require connection and free of charge for customers of the Bank. Pay attention that SMS will be sent on number, which was indicated by you during opening of payment card.

  • If SMS service is connected (you receive SMS about performed operations on cards), number confirmation is not required;
  • If you are not sure that the Bank knows your phone number, you can try to make a transfer through or make some payment through service (for example, pay for mobile phone). If you did not get SMS, you shall contact with call center and check your number;
  • If your number is outdated, you can apply to call center of Bank of Astana at number 2555 or +7(727)2596060 for making changes on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00.

We recall that it is recommended to keep in secret card requisites (its number, date of expiration, holder name and secret code on the reverse side), do not tell them to third persons and publish in internet for reduction of attempts of fraud operations by cards.

Pay attention that following logotype shall be on sites, supporting 3D Secure:


* Technology 3D Secure will be introduced gradually to February 17, 2017. Technology 3D Secure is branch standard of safety measures during payment of services and goods in internet.