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Kenes Rakishev's exit from the structure of shareholders of Bank of Astana JSC

JSC “Bank of Astana” announces the exit of Kenges Rakishev from the shareholders’ structure of the Bank. The share sale was planned in accordance with a long term strategy of the Bank.

Kenes Rakishev:
“Bank of Astana is one of the young and dynamically growing financial institutions of our country, whose pace of development depends on the fast decision making by the management and timely response to the external changes, dictated by the chosen strategy of mobile banking, which requires great concentration and constant attention on behalf of the management and the shareholders. Taking into account the current conditions and the need to be directly involved in other projects in the finance sector, based on my common decision with my business partner Olzhas Tokhtarov and mutual discussions with the top management of the Bank, a decision was made, which enables optimal distribution of our responsibilities!” 

Olzhas Tokhtarov:

“Dynamic development of the Bank and achievement of planned business performance indicators is the best demonstration of the right choice of our growth path. I’m glad that our mutual long term projects are being successfully implemented. At the same time each of us is ready to accept the share of responsibility, allowing the other partner to work on new projects, opening new perspectives for our tandem!” 

As of July 31, 2015 the majority shareholder of the Bank is the businessman Olzhas Tokhtarov (69.7% share), who at the same time is the Chairman of Bank of Astana’s  Board of Directors. The sale of the equity share belonging to Kenges Rakishev was executed on July 30, 2015, the amount and terms are not disclosed. The new shareholder structure will be published in the register of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

In 2014 Bank has achieved the following positive results:

  • Asset growth of 48 bln. Tenge (60% increase)
  • Current accounts’ and deposits’ increase of 37 bln. tenge (63% growth)
  • Net income of 1.4 bln. tenge (44% growth compared to 2013)
  • Increase in paid in capital by the shareholders’ of the Bank of 3.5 bln. tenge in 2014  serves as the fundamental proof of shareholders’ trust in the right choice and successful implementation of the Bank’s strategy.   

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